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August 2008
Soul Eater on DVD!

Soul Eater

First DVD release from anime series "Soul Eater"--from the same collaboration of Square Enix and Bones that brought you "Fullmetal Alchemist"!

At the prestigious Shinigami Weapon Technician Vocational School, the students have one goal--to collect one soul made from the 99 eggs of a demon god and one soul from a witch, feed them to a weapon, and make the legendary weapon Death Scythe. Maka Albarn is a scythe tech on the quest to make the Death Scythe with his companion the Soul Eater. As Maka and friends seek to create the Death Scythe, they also learn about life!

Volume 1 is out now! Volumes 2 through 13 will be released for the next twelve consecutive months. The original sound track was also released on Aug 27, 2008! Order now!