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August 2008
Kaya First Concert DVD

Kaya Salon De Chocolat

Kaya's first concert DVD "Salon De Chocolat" is now available!

Since his debut as vocalist of Schwarz Stein, Kaya's made a smash on the indie artist scene. His concerts are very unique thanks to his dramatic performances and humorous speeches full of fan service. The DVD "Salon De Chocola" includes footage of Kaya's major debut anniversary show filmed on April 29, 2008 at Tokyo Kinema club. DVD features popular songs from Kaya's indie era like "Walkure," and "Epicurean," his major debut song "Chocolat" and more. Enjoy the beautiful voice and merry dances of Kaya as well as the vivaciousness of the concert hall in this new DVD!

Be sure to also check out Kaya's indies era greatest hits album "Glitter" and major debut album "Chocolat"!