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July 2008
Grepalla - Gurren Lagann Parallel Works

Gurren Lagann Parallel Works

Anime series "Tengen Toppa Gurren Ragann" returns with a new, fan-requested music video collection titled "Grepalla - Gurren Lagann Parallel Works"! Find out what happens when you take one of today's hottest anime series and combine them with Japan's top audio/visual artists.

"Grepalla - Gurren Lagann Parallel Works" is a dreamy music project started by the creators of the TV series, commemorating the release of this summer's "Gurren Lagann" theatrical feature. Culling together the hottest artists around Japan, this new project seeks to create a new Gurenn Lagann universe by combining artist footage inspired by the soundtrack of the series. Music and video art is then combined into Gurren Lagann's unique take on the concept of music videos. DVD includes Tetsu Amamiya's "Gattai Nante Kuso Kurae," Yanato Kojima's "Boin vs. Boin," Suezen's "BafBaf¡ªSonna ni Moeruno ga Suki Kai?" and more for music video works from eight total creators!

First pressing (available only while "First Press Available" button appears on the screen) comes with a bonus booklet "Grepalla Kaitai Shinsho." Preorder now!