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July 2008
Luminous Arc 2 Original Soundtrack

Luminous Arc 2: Will Original Soundtrack

While you're waiting for "No More Heroes" developer Marvelous Entertainment's latest strategy RPG "Luminous Arc 2: Will" to make it out of Japan, check out the recently released soundtrack to the game featuring some surprising faces from Square-Enix's stable of musical talent!

"Luinous Arc 2: Will" sees the return of "Chrono Trigger" and "Chrono Cross" composer Yasunori Mitsuda to the series, only this time in the musical director's chair. Working beneath him are "Kingdom Hearts" series composer Yoko Shimomura, "Dino Crisis" and "Onimusha 3" composer Akari Kaida, "Breath of Fire" composer Yoshino Aoki, and newcomer Shunsuke Tsuchiya.

The two-disc soundtrack to "Luminous Arc 2: Will" also includes the game version of theme song "Unlimited World" performed by KANA and produced by HAL. The original soundtrack to "Luminous Arc 2: Will" came out June 25, 2008. Order now!