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July 2008
Junjo Romantica on DVD

Junjo Romantica

Shungiku Nakamura's popular Boys Love manga "Junjo Romantica" is coming soon as a brand-new anime series ! The anime series features stunning voice artists like Takahiro Sakurai, Hikaru Hanada, Kentaro Ito and more!

Third year high school boy Misaki Takahashi is about to take university entrance exam, and to review he's unwillingly enlisted to take lessons from his older brother's close friend--famous author named Akihiko Usami. But when Misaki goes to his tutor's one day, he discovers a boy's love novel starring none other than Usami and his own brother! At first Misaki is furious with Usami for writing such embarassing things, but gradually he begins to change his mind after finding Usami loves his brother too much to confess it. One day Misaki's brother moves away for work, and Misaki is forced to move into Usami's house where the two begin a strangely familiar relationship full of trouble. . . and love!

Volume 1 includes two episodes total. Available in two varieties, limited edition and regular edition. Limited edition includes bonus manga volume 1, deluxe box, and "Junjo Romantica" duck for yout bathtub. Order now!