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August 2008
the GazettE - Live and Loud

the GazettE

Miss out on the GazettE's "Pulse Wriggle To Black" tour of Finland, Germany, France, and England? Dying to see them perform in Japan? Now's your chance with the release of the GazettE's new live DVD "Tour 2007-2008 Stacked Rubbish Grand Finale [Repeated Countless Error] in Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogiba Daiichi Taiikukan."

The new DVD shows the closing performance of the GazettE's multinational tour in support of most recent album "Stacked Rubbish." Assembling over 10,000 people at Japan's National Yoyogi Stadium on April 20, 2008, the GazettE blazed through a main set of over 18 tracks, plus two encores comprising nearly 8 additional songs. This double-DVD includes the main concert itself featuring performances of almost every track from the "Stacked Rubbish" album, the GazettE's latest single "Guren," and even classic tracks like "Linda - Candydive Pinky Heaven," "COCK ROACH," and "Cassis."

The GazettE's new live DVD is available in two varieties--either the regular two-DVD set or limited edition three-DVD set with additional footage, 60-page booklet, and deluxe packaging.CDJapan is also the exclusive international carrier of Zy. Magazine's the GazettE clear files!