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July 2008
Ringo Shiina 10th Anniversary Releases Galore!

Ringo Shiina - Watashi to Hoden

Ms. Ringo Shiina rings in her tenth anniversary with style with the newly announced second act to her 10th anniversary campaign, the live DVD "Zazen Extasy" and the release of two highly anticipated works: Shiina's first ever rarities collection and a brand-new music video DVD!

Ringo Shiina's new live DVD "Zazen Extasy" features the release of footage from Shiina's one-night-only July 30, 2000 performance in Fukuoka. See Ringo Shiina at the height of the first period of her career in a rare small-theater performance in her semi-hometown of Fukuoka!

The new rarities compilation "Watashi to Hoden" features hidden classics from Shiina's ten-year career. All 22 songs of this two-CD set are culled from unrelased tracks and single B-sides from Ringo Shiina's 1998 major debut up until now. The album is availble in either a standard edition or limited edition, with the limited edition featuring a deluxe tenth anniversary cardboard sleeve case, tenth anniversary concert advertisement, and tenth anniversary Ringo Shiina logo sticker.

Shiina's brand-new music video compilaton--titled "Watashi no Hatsuden" features every single solo video from Shiina's career starting with debut single "Kofukuron" up through her latest single "Kono Yo no Kagiri," plus the new song "Mellow" for 12 tracks total. All songs feature high quality 96k/24-bit sound. All three of these releases are available for order now!