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July 2008
Vampire Knight


Brand new girls' anime " Vampire Knight" is out now on DVD!

At the private high school Kurosu Gakuen, classes are divided into regular day classes and the mysterious night classes. Students of the night classes are the elite of the elite, and are known for their beauty. However, they also have a secret - they are all vampires! A day class student named Yuki is the step daughter of the school president, and is entrusted with preventing the regular class students from finding the truth of the night class students. Day and night, she has to manage regular school students trying to approach the beautiful vampires . . .

Volume 1 of the series includes episodes 1 and 2. The DVD is available in two varieties, limited edition and regular edition. Limited edition set comes with a booklet, pin-up, and special drama CD with original episode. Also check out the outro theme CD "still doll" performed by Kanon Wakeshima!