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June 2008
To Loveru

To Loveru

Be sure to check out the brand-new love comedy anime series "To Loveru"!

A high school boy named Rito Yuki tries many times to confess his love to his classmate Haruna, but everytime he fails due to unexpected accidents. One day, after failing again, he comes back home to sulk in his bath tub--sunk in dispair. Then suddenly the bath blows up, and a beautiful nakid girl appears! Her name is Lala, a princess of the planet Deviluke. Lala falls in love with Rito, and she decides to marry him and stay on earth!

Volume 1 includes episodes 1 and 2. The first pressing (available only while "First Press Available" button appears on the screen) comes with a bonus poster. Also check out the intro theme by THYME and outro theme by BON-BON BLANCO vocalist Anna!