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May 2008
Kara no Kyokai Fukan Fukei

Kara no Kyokai

"Be sure to check out the upcoming release of "Kara no Kyokai Fukan Fukei," the first chapter of the seven-part anime film series "Kara no Kyokai" based off of the hit novel by Kinoko Nasu!

Several young girls unexpectedly commit suicide off the roof of an abandoned bulding--particular as this building was the former symbol of the town. There seems to be no connection between each case, and the events are remembered as only a series of incomprehensible suicides. But while the world remains in confusion, a high school girl named Shiki Ryogi begins to investigate the cases. Shiki has the special ability to see the frayed edges of life--the grey area where life turns to death. Not knowing this is the first of many traps that await her, Shiki sets out for the scene of the crimes.

The series's second chapter "Kara no Kyokai Satsujin Kosatsu" and third chapter "Kara no Kyokai Tsukan Zanryu" are also available for preorder!