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April 2008
Miki Furukawa - Bondage Heart

Miki Furukawa - Bondage Heart

Former Supercar bassist and support vocalist Miki Furukawa follows up the February release of her latest single "Candy Girl" with her forthcoming second full-length album! On April 23, 2008 you too can find out what's new from one of the most influential names in Japanese underground music.

Originally formed in 1997, Supercar came to prominence for their soundtrack to the film "Ping Pong" and appearance in the anime "Eureka 7." But it was their soothing indie rock sound--and later electro-rock sound--that brought them airplay on Western college music stations alongside Pizzicato Five and Cornelius. Their 2001 single "Yumegiwa Last Boy" was even produced by Japanese house producer and Denki Groove member Yoshinori Sunahara. In 2005 the band called it quits and founder Miki Furukawa set out on her own.

The new album, titled "Bondage Heart" sees Furukawa move farther away from the electronic sounds of her previous album and late-era Supercar to return to her psychedelic rock roots. The album includes the "Melancholy" era Smashin Pumpkins-sounding single "Candy Girl," "Psycho America" and more for 14 tracks total. "Bondage Heart" comes in either a regular edition or limited edition with bonus DVD featuring music videos for "Candy Girl," "B.B.W.," and "C.Stereo." Preorder now!