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April 2008
Ayumi Hamasaki - Concert DVD, Remixes, and Single!

Ayumi Hamasaki

Two months since Ayumi Hamasaki released "GUILTY," the album widely acclaimed to be Hamasaki's best work to date, and Ayu is back to celebrate her tenth anniversary with a rush of new releases. Last month saw the release of Ayu's new Asian tour concert DVD and two new remix albums, and this week saw the release of Ayu's brand-new single "Mirrorcle World"!

Ayumi Hamasaki's tenth anniversary single "Mirrorcle World" came out April 8, 2008. The new single features the full version of the track "Mirror" from Hamasaki's "Guilty" release (originally appearing in a shortened, one-chorus length version), B-side "Life," and one of several tenth-anniversary versions of classic Ayumi Hamasaki tracks depending on which of the four versions you get. Types A and B include the tenth anniversary version of Ayumi Hamasaki's 1998 second single "You," with Type A version also including a bonus DVD with music video and making-of footage for "Mirrorcle World." Instead of "You," types C and D of the single include the tenth anniversary version of her fifth single "Depend on you," with type C including the same DVD featured with the type A release.

Ayumi's latest DVD, titled "ayumi hamasaki Asia Tour 2007 A -Tour of Secret- "LIVE + DOCUMENTARY,"" features footage from Ayumi Hamasaki's first ever tour of Asia in support of the "Secret" album. For her debut outside of Japan, Ayu pulls out all the stops, including her 600-ton stage and all the effects that have made the Ayumi Hamasaki stage show a legend. DVD also includes a documentary on the entire 150-day tour from the first rehearsals to the final show and tons more.

On March 26 Ayumi Hamasaki rekindled her hit "ayu-mi-x" remix series with the two new remix albums "ayu-mi-x -Gold-" and "ayu-mi-x -Silver-." This time around features mixes from internationally acclaimed artists from Armand Van Helden and Coldcut to Shinichi Osawa (Mondo Grosso) and DMC World DJ Champion DJ Kentaro. Check out the product pages for each release for further details. All releases are available, so order now!


"Two months since Ayumi Hamasaki released "GUILTY," the album widely acclaimed to be Hamasaki's best work to date, and Ayu is back to celebrate her tenth anniversary with a rush of new releases."

I'd like to see citations to prove this. According to Oricon, this was her worst opening sales, and also, according to their Oricon Style magazine, an indication of the end of her dominance.
Posted by M Mar 17,2008
Hi, this is Dan, part of the CDJapan staff. While what you mention about sales is true, the sales don't seem to match up at all with fan reaction to the album. While some had missgivings about the rock direction of the album, nearly everyone said the album was better than "Secret" and a significant number of people thought it was "her best work to date." You can view our review information below, and it seems to line up with the information I've seen on blogs:

I understand that reading customer reviews isn't a complete picture of the fan reaction to the album, but from what I've heard from the various fans I know in Japan and abroad, everyone seems to think "GUILTY" is one of her best if not THE best album she's put out.
Posted by Dan Mar 17,2008
Hi Dan,

Thanks for your response. While of course I understand that it is the role of sites like CDJapan to create copy to promote products, I thought that this copy's statements were unusual. There are a number of magazines, such as CD Data, CD Journal, Oricon Style, etc., that can serve as valid "critical" sources for review material. Of course, like you said, even these sources aren't a complete picture, but I don't think it's being honest to use "fan reaction," as you put it, as the basis for the phrase "widely acclaimed" as the above article writes.

I guess in the larger scheme of things, it's not a big deal; however, English-language sites such as CDJapan not only serve as sales sites, but also information sites for many fans to learn more about their favorite artists. As such, I hope that it invites (for better or for worse) a desire to be careful in the wording of phrases written in the advertising copy used.
Posted by M Mar 18,2008