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April 2008
Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire

Announcing the release of the first DVD from the anime adaptation of hit manga series "Rosario + Vampire." Brace yourself, as this DVD features more shocking and sexy footage than could not be aired in the original broadcast.

After failing entrance exams for a number of high schools, Tsukune Aono arrives at Yokai Gakuen. On his first day at school Tsukune falls head over heals for a peerlessly beautiful girl named Moka . . . Only to discover she's a vampire! In fact, it turns out Yokai Gakuen is a school for the Japanese spirits called Yokai, each of which take the disguise of a human. On top of that, the school has a rule: any human that knows the truth about the school must die! Trembling with fear, Tsukune, begins his time at school. Find out how Tsukune's life at his new school turns out in this wacky new anime series!

"Rosario + Vampire" stars voice artists Daisuke Kishio, Nana Mizuki, and more, with both intro and outro themes also by Nana Mizuki. DVD includes episodes 1 through 3. Set also includes a bonus CD plus bonus Yokai Gakuen school newspaper, three sexy photos, and deluxe packaging.


anyone know if this series has been licensed in North america yet?

Eric (
Posted by eric Mar 04,2008