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March 2008
Ex Machina - Appleseed Saga

Ex Machina Appleseed Saga

Three years since the groundbreaking release of anime feature "Appleseed," John Woo, Masamune Shiro, and Shinji Aramaki unite to change cinema again with the follow-up "Ex Machina - Appleseed Saga"! And yet again, this DVD features English subtitles!

The year, 2135. Half of humanity has been wiped out by conventional warfare, and a number of the injured have been converted into half-man, half-machine cyborgs. Deunan and Briareos are members of the E. S. W. A. T tactical special unit for the city of Olympus. Though his body has been mechanized after being mangled in the war, Briareos and the love he shares with Deunan remains unchanged. One day a bioroid who has the exact same features a Briareos named Tereus appears before them, changing their lives forever. Meanwhile, Olympus is enveloped in a string of mysterious terrorist attacks which threaten the plan to unite the peaceful city of Olympus with its satellites. Are Briareos and Deunan headed towards a time of world peace . . . or destruction?

Available in two varieties, premium edition and standard edition. Premium edition features bonus discs with unreleased footage, design stills from Masamune Shior's "Gravilence," design archive footage, staff and cast profiles, keyword guide, character introduction, the 105-minute US theatrical version of the film, and HD DVD of the feature. Set also includes two deluxe booklets with stills and pictures, postcard, and E. S. W. A. T sticker. The series' original soundtrack is available, too. Order now!