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February 2008
BoA - The Face

BoA - The Face

Looking more gorgeous every year, trilingual singer BoA is back with her latest full-length album "The Face," out now!

BoA's new album features the singles "Sweet Impact" (Kose "FASIO" commercial song), "Love Letter" (TV program, "Itadaki Muscle" ending theme song), "Beautiful Flowers" (pro-baseball broadcasting program, "The Pro Yakyu" theme song), "Smile again" (TV program, "Doyo Wide Gekijo" theme song), "be with you" (movie, "Inu to watashi no 10 no Yakusoku" theme song) and more for 13 songs total. Don't forget to check out the single cut of "be with you" (released simultaneously) as the single includes one new B-side not included on the "The Face." "be with you" also includes an a digest video introduction to the album as CD-Extra content.

The new album is available in two varieties. Limited edition Jacket B includes the full CD plus one bonus DVD with four music videos (including one all-new recording). Regular edition Jacket C includes only the main CD. BoA's new releases came out February 27, 2008. Order now!


woohoo. i love boa. she can sing korean, japanese and english!

yay boa!

Eric (
Posted by Eric Mar 04,2008