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September 2008
Tsukiko Amano - Retiring To Zero

Tsukiko Amano

Tsukiko Amano returns with her eighth--and for the time being last--album "Zero." Celebrate the career of one Jpop and Jrock's hardest working women and order now!

Speaking to her official blog on the first of August 2008, Amano announced the desire to move away from solo performance into a strict songwriting roll: "I want to become zero. "Zero" can mean "Nothing," but I also feel a sense of infinity. I want to become zero, and from there restart my journey." Naturally, Amano's last album is titled "Zero," and it's set to be a rocking, popping journey in and of itself. The new album includes singles "Howling," "Heaven's Gate," and "Zero" (English version of "Zero no Choritsu") for 11 tracks total.

If you've only heard Amano's theme songs for the "Fatal Frame" series of games, you owe it to yourself to check Tsukiko Amano before she completely leaves the spotlight. This is her first full-length release in three years, and last for the time being.


I have been following her music since 2002, and it truly is the ending of a musical era for me. Though she's been getting a lot of attention in the overseas Jpop fan world, it's still a little odd for me to say she's my favorite artist and have other people recognize her name now. That said, I'm glad I saw this article. It feels gratifying, perhaps, that she's being noticed, even if it's at the end of her career as Amano Tsukiko. So, thanks for this.
Posted by K Sep 12,2008