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December 2007
Plastic Tree - Zero

Plastic Tree - Zero

Jrock band Plastic Tree return with a brand-new concert DVD titled "Zero"! Find out what ten years of experience rocking hard has done for this quartet and order now!

Filmed at the band's September 8, 2007 performance at the Nihon Budokan, "Zero" celebrates the tenth anniversary since Plastic Tree's 1997 major label debut with the single "Wareta Mado." A special day for the band, the performance features--of course--"Wareta Mado," as well as 21 other tracks from the band's career. See the much-wisened band take on classics like "Sink" and "Zetsubo no Oka" then move fluidly into recent hits like "Makka na Ito" and "Ghost." In addition to concert footage, the "Zero" DVD also includes forty minutes of backstage antics filmed by the four members of the band!

Plastic Tree's tenth anniversary concert DVD "Zero" comes out December 19, 2007. Be sure to also check out the band's recently released B-sides collection "B-men Gaho" and latest full-length album "Nega to Posi" as well!