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February 2008
Ah! My Goddess Fighting Wings

Ah! My Goddess Fighting Wings

The twentieth anniversary release "Ah! My Goddess Fighting Wings" from anime series"Ah! My Goddess" is out now on DVD!

Keiichi and the goddesses spend their days in peace when the valkyrie goddess Lind visits to warn them of the theft of the violent beast Angel Eater. When the goddesess brush off this alarming news, the angels of Urd, Peorth and Belldandy are each taken. Moreover, Belldandy becomes possessed with a demon, converting her to their side! What will become of Belldandy, Keiichi, and the other goddeses?

DVD includes two episodes. The first pressing (available only "First Press Available" button appears on the screen) comes with a bonus postcard. Also check out the intro & outro theme CD "Ai no Hoshi / Hanamuke no Melody" by Jukai!


The DVD only has two episodes? How much story can they tell with jsut 2 episodes?

Posted by Eric Feb 27,2008