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January 2008
YMCK - Family Genesis (3rd Album)


Do you like girly electro-pop? Do you like Nintendo? This week Japanese 8-bit electro act YMCK embarked on a new sonic adventure, and you are invited to join the party! That's right, YMCK's new full-length album is out now!

Titled "Family Genesis," YMCK's third full-length album is also YMCK's first release for major label Avex, but don't expect any changes to the group's defining video game retro sound. This time YMCK looks not just back to the past, but to the very beginning to reflect about the vision, decision, confusion, and hope for the future found at the great beginning--genesis!

YMCK's "Family Genesis," their first release since 2005's "Family Racing," includes 14 tracks total. If you'd like to hear samples of their sweet 8-bit girly pop, be sure to check out samples on their home page, and if you'd like to learn how to make your own 8-bit music check out the audio sequencer plug-in developed by the band themselves!