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October 2007
akiko goes Christmas


Seven months since top J-jazz diva akiko redefined herself with the Brazillian-themed "Vida" album, she returns with her peppy take towards Christmas, "A White Album."

Due out November 7, "A White Album" sees Pizzicato Five member Yasuharu Konishi's first return to the mixing desk since akiko's 2005 breakthrough "Little Miss Jazz and Jive Goes Around The World." As always, akiko's sure to bring her ecclectic blends of jazz, electronic, hip hop, and world to the mic, however this time her focus will be on Christmas tracks. In addition to Yasuharu Konishi, "The White Album" also marks the arrival of Japanese traditional ska revivalists The Ska Flames to the recording session.

Coinciding with the release of "A White Album," akiko will also be reissuing her "Little Miss Jazz and Jive Goes Around The World" album November 7. Preorder now!