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December 2007
CLANNAD Anime Series


Volume one of the anime adaption of hit game "CLANNAD" is out now on DVD! Created by "Air" and "Kanon" production house Kyotoanimation, "CLANNAD" displays more of the high level of detail for which Kyotoanimation is known.

High school senior Tomoya Okazaki sighs on the long slope up to school. Every day is just a repeat of the one previous, and Tomoya is unable to just enjoy school life like everyone else. Everyday he's late, and maybe that's why he just can't seem to make friends. Then one day when Tomoya's climbing the hill again, he sees a girl climbing up with him. When she asks whether he likes the school, the two hit it off.

DVD volume 1 includes episodes 1 through 3. Limited edition includes bonus original booklet (setting guide 1), bonus desktop accessories, and one card. Order now!