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November 2007
WaT New Album


WaT's new greatest hits album "WaT Collection" is coming soon!

"WaT Collection" includes the complete singles from Eiji Wentz and Teppei Koike's music career. Starting with "Boku no Kimochi" up through their latest release, for a total of thirteen singles plus member solo debut singles, "Awaking Emotion 8/5" and "Kimi ni Okuru Uta." "WaT Collection" also includes their upcoming single.

The new album is available in three varieties, limited edition w/ DVD, limited edition w/ cellphone strap, and regular edition. Limited edition w/ DVD features a bonus DVD with the unreleased music video for indies debut single "Sotsugyo Time" and behind-the-scenes video for the band leading up to their official major label debut, TV, spots, and more. Limited edition w/ cellphone strap comes with a cell phone strap with portrait photos of the duo. Regular edition features the CD only. Each edition also features different jacket artwork.