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October 2007
Guitar Wolf - Mars Twist

Guitar Wolf - Mars Twist

Get ready to rock with a brand-new retrospective from one of the longest-living bands in the Japanese punk scene, Guitar Wolf! The band's 12-song twentieth anniversary album, "Mars Twist," is out now.

If you've seen underground Japanese horror/rock film "Wild Zero," you've seen Guitar Wolf who both star in the film and composed its driving score. Though through the success of "Wild Zero" in 2000 the band was able to gain international acclaim (similar to their cohorts The's who broke worldwide thanks to their appearance in "Kill Bill"), Guitar Wolf have actually been active in the Japanese music scene since 1987. Guitar Wolf even maintained an international distribution deal with Matador Records thanks to the bands noisy, punk rock songs (their final album for Matador, "Jet Generation" is claimed to be the loudest CD in history), energetic performances, and classic rock 'n roll style.

Guitar Wolf's new album "Mars Twist" looks back on the band's history with new, even louder reworkings of twelve classic tracks from the band's career. Order the limited edition to receive a bonus DVD with live footage recorded between 1993 and 2007. Order now!