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September 2007
Cruyff in the Bedroom - young and blind

Cruyff in the Bedroom

Step into the past with Japan's top indie/shoegazer band Cruyff in the Bedroom and their upcoming retrospective album "young and blind."

Forged in the clubs of Shimokitazawa, Tokyo during 1998, Cruyff took the distortion and delay-drenched sound of early My Bloody Valentine and combined it with their own indie Japanese sensibilities. But before the band reached international acclaim thanks to their "Only Feedback" concert series and distribution deals with American label Tonebender and UK label 1970 recordings, Cruyff was the secret of Club Que and the Tokyo music underground. During this time the band released three EPs which have been long out-of-print.

That is, until now! Cruyff in the Bedroom's new album "young and blind" combines remastered editions of the band's first three EPs with additional songs taken from compilations. "Young and blind" debuts September 12, 2007 with a total of 14 tracks. Order now, or check out Cruyff in the Bedroom's MySpace page for samples!