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August 2007
Mitsuo Iso's Denno Coil

Denno Coil

Studio Ghibli member and "Eureka Seven" animator Mitsuo Iso makes his series director debut with the anime series "Denno Coil," coming soon to DVD!

Two girls who share the name Yuko live in the near-future town of Daikoku. But all isn't what it seems in Daikoku, as overlayed atop the real city lies a sprawling, enhanced-reality virutal metropolis that the residents view with virtual reality glasses. Entranced with the wonders of the virtual world, the two girls and their virtual dog Densuke explore the vast spaces, unused data fields, and wild virtual worlds of their town. As their adventures go deeper, they begin using hacker tools to push further, however this brings them face to face with the frighteningly violent and yet clumsily predictable Searchmaton custodian. What secrets lie behind the oppressive custodial force of the virtual world, and the hacker support the duo receives?

"Denno Coil" volume one comes to DVD on September 25, 2007. Order the limited edition to receive a bonus disc with special features, deluxe booklet, and image collection! Be sure to also check out volume two, the limited edition of which includes a 460 page art book! Order now.