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July 2007
Miyavi - 7 Samurai Sessions - We're Kavki Boiz


Visual kei innovator and S.K.I.N. member Miyavi has returned with a new seven-song EP titled "7 Samurai Sessions - We're Kavki Boiz" following up on his latest single "Sakihokoru Hana no Yoni."

This time around Miyavi is doing something a little different. "7 Samurai Sessions - We're Kavki Boiz" sees Miyavi revisiting seven tracks from his previously released albums "Gagaku," "Galyuu," "miyavism," "MYV Pops," and "Miyavi Uta" in the "dokuso" style of his recent live DVD "25 Shunen Kinen Koen Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijo 5 Days -Dokuso-." Joining him for recording will be the MC, turntablists, tap dancers, and jam band from the show, thus allowing Miyavi to add a breath of new air to his classic repertoire.

Miyavi's new EP is out now, and available in two varieties. Order the regular edition to receive just the seven-song EP, or the limited edition to receive a bonus DVD with footage from the recording studio!