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July 2007
Kiiiiiiii - Electronic Chaos


Sometimes a release comes from Japan that is just too wacky to pass up. This month, that release is electro-pop duo Kiiiiiiii's debut album "Al & Bum."

What do you get when you combine an actress who likes Michael Jackson and Rage Against The Machine with graphic designer who loves Kraftwerk, The Ramones, and "Rocco's Modern Life" (yes, the Nickelodeon show)? Chaos on an electro scale! Kiiiiiii aligns the classical Japanese indie elements of super-cute girls, weird singing, and 8-bit electronic pop into a unique avant guarde sound. If you'd like to hear samples, try this link (click on parts of the picture to bring up samples). Official webpage available here.

Kiiiiiiii's debut full-length album "Al & Bum" is out July 7, 2007 with a total of 19 preciously off-beat tracks. All songs mixed, engineered, and produced by DJ Codomo. Order now!