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June 2007
Tokyo Jihen - Two New Singles

Tokyo Jihen

With rumors of a new album flittering about, Tokyo Jihen has just announced their second single in two months, "Killer Tune."

Following fresh on the heels of their July 11, 2007 single "Osca," "Killer Tune" sees Ringo Shiina and company move towards a guitar-oriented swing sound contrasting heavily with the pop-rock sound to be found on "Osca" an a lot of the band's previous work. Both "Osca" and "Killer Tune" are set to include three new songs, bringing the number of new Tokyo Jihen tracks available this summer up to a total of six!

If you just can't wait for Tokyo Jihen to officially announce their third full-length album, be sure to check out "Osca" and "Killer Tune," out July 11 and August 22 respectively! Preorder now!