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July 2007
Having Fun with Shonen Knife

Shonen Knife

The two-year wait is over as legendary pop-punk band Shonen Knife celebrates their 25th anniversary with a brand new album titled "fun! fun! fun!"

Cited as influences for artists as diverse as Sonic Youth, Nirvana, and The Mr. T Experience, Shonen Knife's blend of absurdly goofy lyrics and Ramones-inspired guitar rock has pushed the band unfazed through wave after wave of new music styles. The new album sees the band persevere after several recent setbacks including the death of former member Mana Nishiura and the marriage/retiring of founding member Atsuko Yamano.

So how does the new lineup affect the band? "fun! fun! fun!" sees this traditionally loud band move deeper into pop territory. Expect more harmonic vocals and, of course, more dissarmingly vacant lyrics. Shonen Knife's new album came out July 6, 2007. Order now!