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May 2007
Gollbetty - Goll and Response

Gollbetty - Goll and Response

Everybody's favorite ska-rock band Gollbetty is back with their second full-length album, "Goll and Response"!

True to its name, "Goll and Response" sees this seven-member group fold their established girly ska-pop sound into sing-along choruses like you would typically find in Oi. This new, audience-participation oriented sound is particularly evident in track three, "Fighting Girl!!" "Goll and Response" features fourteen tracks total, including the advanced singles "Easy Going" and "Snow Fall."

Gollbetty's new album comes in two varieties, both out May 9, 2007. Regular edition features the main tracklist, while the limited edition includes bonus CD-EXTRA content with music video and recording footage. Order now!