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April 2007
Ringo Shiina, Neko Saito - New DVD!

Ringo Shiina and Neko Saito

Fresh from their new album and live DVD release, Ringo Shiina and orchestral cohort Neko Saito with a brand new DVD, "Heisei Fuzoku Daiginjo"!

Neither a live DVD nor music video collection, the new DVD features the complete "Heisei Fuzoku" album audio track set in 96khz/24 bit sound. Each track for the album is set against visual art from Japan's hottest designers, making this set a combo BGV/experimental video collection set to Ringo Shiina's latest album.

Them music video for the "Heisei Fuzoku" single "Karisome Death Jazz ver." (Ringo Shiina w/ SOIL&"PIMP" Sessions) and "Kono Yo no Kagiri" are included as well. "Heisei Fuzoku Daginjo" is coming April 25, 2007.