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August 2007
Legendary Anime on Next Gen and DVD!

Next Gen Anime

Whether your holding out to move to a next generation format in the future or are ready to take the plunge now, CDJapan has the anime that you're looking for in strikingly beautiful new Blu-ray+DVD and HD DVD+DVD sets, coming soon!

If you learned to love anime through classics like "Ghost in the Shell" and "The Wings of Honneamise," you'll love seeing and hearing these legendary films at the resolutions allowable only through the Blu-ray and HD DVD formats. And if you're still holding out on buying a next generation video player, these sets feature the original films on DVD as well, so you can watch the DVDs now but be ready for the next gen when you finally decide to make the jump.

As of right now, we have "Ghost in the Shell," "The Wings of Honneamise," "Patlabor 2," "SteamBoy," "JIN-ROH," and Mamoru Oshii's live-action film "Avalon" available in Blu-ray+DVD. In HD DVD+Blu-ray, we have "The Wings of Honneamise," "Patlabor," and "Patlabor 2." Each of these sets will be released between July and September of this year, so order now before supplies run out!