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April 2007
Naruto Theatrical Feature Out Now!

NARUTO Daikofun! Mikazukito no Animal Panic Dattebayo The Movie

Check out "NARUTO Daikofun! Mikazukito no Animal Panic Dattebayo," the latest movie from the Naruto series!

This time around, Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura, and Rock Lee are entrusted with the boring task of looking after the selfish prince during their trip to go to the paradise island Mikazuki. Ater several irritating events and odd side-trips, they finally make it to the island. However, the island is totally different - it's not the paradise they used to know, and what's worse, three dreadful ninjas are waiting there to capture them.

Order now while the first pressing available button is still displayed on the DVD's product information page to receive first pressing bonus items: special Naruto figure and visual book!