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March 2007
Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Complete Box

Kindgom Hearts Original Soundtrack Complete Box

If you bought the original "Kingdom Hearts II" soundtrack and thought it could use "just a little something more," you aren't alone! Series composer Yoko Shimomura felt the same way about the abrieviated release of the "KHII" soundtrack, and now she's doing something about it with the "Kindom Hearts Original Soundtrack Complete Box"!

This nine-disc set is set to includes the complete music from the hit Disney/Square-Enix cross-over game series, spanning the original "Kindom Hearts I," the unreleased soundtrack to the GBA game "Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories," and, for the first time ever, the complete extended version of the "Kingdom Hearts II" original soundtrack. In addition, the box contains previously unreleased tracks from the series.

The deluxe box set "Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Complete Box" came out March 28, 2007. Order Now!