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February 2007
Electro Velvet Underground with trees asylum

trees asylum

Multi-talented artist collective t.o.L is ready to set the music world on fire with their eponymous electroclash/junk rock debut album as the band trees asylum.

Known originally for their work with X-Japan guitarist hide on the art direction for music label LEMONed, Kayo Saito and M Kuno got their worldwide debut through the animated work "TAMALA 2010 a punk cat in space" which the duo, under the name t.o.L, scored, directed, and produced. Their new project trees asylum sees the two main members joined by four additional musicians as a band bent on making hard-to-describe, experimental-yet-soothing, vaguely Velvet-Underground-like music. I'll spare the compound adjectives and just let you have a chance to hear their music on the trees asylum MySpace page.

Trees asylum's eponymous debut album came out February 28, 2006 with a total of eight songs. Order now!