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January 2007
Jigoku Shojo Futagomori

Jigoku Shojo Season 2

Check out the first DVD release from the second season of "Jigoku Shojo," a horror fantasy anime that takes the current horror boom to the shoujo level!

On a mysterious website only accessible at midnight, people list the greivances they are too afraid to speak aloud. They say that if you list a particularly harsh story, the Jigoku Shoujo will visit the person causing your troubles . . . And drag them into hell. However, normally she's just a regular girl, but that all changes after she hears a sad story.

Includes six episodes. Available in two varieties, limited edition and regular edition. Order the limited edition to receive a bonus DVD with music video of "Aizome" and more. Also includes special playing cards and a booklet! The original soundtrack is coming same time as well.