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February 2007
Ringo Shiina Goes Orchestral

Ringo Shiina - Heisei Fuzoku

After several years of work in her band "Tokyo Jihen," the ever mercurial Ringo Shiina is back with her first full-length solo album in four years!

"Heisei Fuzoku" marks Ringo Shiina's collaboration with producer, composer, and violinist Neko Saito. Compositions on the album feature everything from jazz to classical to Latin covers of many of Ringo Shiina's greatest hits, each featuring Ms. Shiina's vocals and up to a 70 piece orchestra. "Heisei Fuzoku" was released February 21, 2007 with thirteen tracks total.

If you just can't get enough Ringo Shiina, be sure to also check out her DVD "Dai Ikkai Ringo Taikai no Moyo," featuring footage from her fan-club only secret concert with Neko Saito. Both DVD and CD are available now.