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November 2006
Stance Punks - Bubblegum Viking

Stance Punks

Spike your hair, grab your beverage of choice, strap on your boots, and get ready for the brand new album from revolutionary Japanese punk band Stance Punks. Their new album "Bubblegum Viking" is coming November 15 with twelve rioting new singles.

Stance Punks formed in 1998 performing heavily in Tokyo punk clubs until their eponymous mini-album debuted in 2001. The next year the band released a full-length album, also titled "Stance Punks," which debuted at the top of the oricon charts and is now concerted a keystone of the new Japanese punk scene (source: MySpace page). The band's oi! influenced, gruff, old-school sound continues to make them a hit both in Japan and during their international tours.

The new album features twelve tracks including their recend singles "Let it Rock," "Cheryl wa Blue," and the non-single hit "Chainster." Order now.