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February 2007
Kimagure Orange Road

Kimagure Orange Road

Originally broadcast on TV between April 1997 and March 1988, anime series "Kimagure Orange Road" gathered an avid fan base in both its homeland of Japan and abroad in the budding international Otaku markets. After years of waiting, the original TV and OVA series have now finally made their way to DVD!

This is the same series that helped coin the term "Tsundere," its powerful heroine Madoka ranking steadily number 1 as the top female anime character during the run of the series and continuing to rank high for years after the original broadcast. Relive the magic of one esper boy, his wacky family, and the absurdist love triangle that plagues him by preordering now!

"Kimagure Orange Road" is available in two sets. One set covers the entire original TV series, and includes a bonus, limited edition original Madoka Ayukawa figure. The other set includes all 8 OVAs and music videos on three DVDs with a bonus, limited edition Hikaru Hiyama figure. Both releases feature remastering from a new print. If, like lead Kyosuke Kasuga, you just can't choose which one, try ordering both!