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CDJapan Archives

October 2006


The legendary PC game "Kanon" returns as an amazing new anime series!

A high school boy comes to live in a quiet, snow-swept northern town due to the requirements of his parents jobs. Though he seems to have visited this town a number of times before, he has no memory of every being here. When he encounters five young girls living in the town, he begins to discover the truth of what happened in the town seven years previous. Why did he lose his memory? Why did he meet these girls? He finds out everything, he sees a miracle.

Brought to you by Kyotoanimation, the legendary anime studio responsible for "Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu," the TV version of "Air" and other famous anime series.

The first disc of the series is coming January 1, 2007. While the "First Press Available" button appears on the screen, the set comes with audio commentary, a trading card and more.