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September 2006
Naruyoshi Kikuchi - Two New Releases

Naruyoshi Kikuchi

Straight off of his collaboration with Japanese R&B giant UA, Naruyoshi Kikuchi is back with two brand new releases.

First comes the release of the original soundtrack to upcoming film "Pavillion Sanshouo" composed and perfromed by Kikuchi himself. A frequent soundtrack collaborater, Kikuchi was both a member of Yoko Kanno's Seatbelts group (formed for the soundtrack to anime series "Cowboy Bebop") and composer for the score to hit film "Daiteiden no Yoru ni."

His second release, titled "Yasei no Shiko" is due October 10, 2006, and features a collaboration with the band responsible for the stage act "Nanbei no Elizabeth Taylor." Spanning two discs, "Yasei no Shiko" features orchestral tinged jazz numbers, including silk strigns and groovy lines. Order both now!