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September 2006
Tourbillon - A Tide of New Era

Tourbillon - A Tide of New Era

Following up on the August release of their fourth single "Ageha," Jrock supergroup Tourbillon return November 8 for the release their sophomore album "A Tide of New Era."

"A Tide of New Era" sees the band perfecting their alterna-rock chops while at the same time moving in intriguing new directions. While the album begins with their edgy new single "Ageha," things break from the norm as soon as the album's U2-inspired second track "Saturation." While the album springs briskly from "setsunai" rock to Coldplay-like ambient over the course of its thirteen tracks, the band has managed to link the whole album together with an essence that, for lack of a better term, is the Tourbillon-ness that defines the band.

Tourbillon's second album "A Tide of New Era" comes out November 8, 2006. Album features 13 tracks, with one bonus track if you can get your hands on the first press limited edition of the item. Order now.