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September 2006
Enchanted Arms - Original Soundtrack

Enchanted Arms Original Soundtrack

You've played the breakthrough Japanese RPG for the Xbox 360, you've collected an amazing collection of golums to pulverize people online, now all you have left to do is get that song out of your head. That's right, "Enchanted Arms," the game that broke the silence of Japanese RPGs on the XBox is out, and now is the perfect time to pick up the soundtrack.

Soundtrack features 42 songs from the game. Each track is presented in the orchestral glory and edgy production of the original game, for a sometimes soothing, sometimes erie set of BGM. The soundtrack also contains an instrumental version of the main theme "Reborn" from former Rupina vocalist Mai.

If you just can't get enough, make sure to also check out the recently released full-length album from Mai, "Maiself." Album contains the full version of "Reborn" plus tons of new techno-pop tracks. Order now.