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September 2006
mi-gu - From space


If you're a fan of the abstract side of Japanese rock and electronic crossover music like Buffalo Daughter, you owe it to yourself to pick up the new album from session drummer Yuko Araki's group mi-gu.

After recording or performing with artists as varied as Shikao Suga to Cornelius (who participates on the new album), it was time for Araki to set out on her own. Her first album saw release in both Japan and Europe thanks to its uniquely spaced out sound and stylish aura. Her group's latest album "From space" features atmospheric sound textures combined with squeeling analog electronics, fuzzed out instruments, interesting vocals, and an intriguing theme. In the story of the album, mi-gu is an automated spaceship, born in the void and on it's way to earth. After witnessing the path of destruction humanity has set its sights on, mi-gu attempts to turn back time and return earth to the wonderous planet it was.

Mi-gu's new album "From space" comes out September 6, 2006. Order now!