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August 2006
Mobile Suit Z Gundam III - Hoshi no Kodo wa Ai

Gundam - Hoshi no Kodo wa Ai

This week sees the release of the concluding volume of the "Z Gundam A New Translation" series, "Mobile Suit Z Gundam II - Hoshi no Kodo wa Ai."

Following the theme set with the two previous releases in the series, "Hoshi wo Tsugumono" and "Lovers," "Hoshi no Kodo wa Ai" features a revolutionary new process called "ageing" whereby the newly added artwork is manipulated in such a way that it blends seemlessly with the oringal "Z Gundam" footage when composited. Of the three videos, "Hoshi no Kodo wa Ai" is said to feature the best results, and in addition, the best adaptation of the original "Z Gundam" story.

Order now to pick up the free first press bonus features discs which features 60 minutes of supporting material including a conversation between director Yoshiyuki Tomino and Jpop behemoth Gackt!