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August 2006
Yum!Yum!Orange Fourth Full-Length


Coming seemingly out of nowhere, Japanese third-wave ska band Yum!Yum!Orange has blazed across the radio with their Save Ferris-like blend of poppy female vocals, ska instrumentation, and rock stylings. This September the band returned with their new single "Brand New Day" to get you ready for the full-length album "Jelly Beans" due out in October.

While it may seem like the band appeared out of thin air, the truth is that the band has been around since 1999. "Jelly Beans" marks the artists fourth full-length album, with several catchy singles released as both maxi-singles and as parts of compilations. If you want to get a feel for what the Japanese indie ska scene is like or if you've already fallen in love with artists like Muramasa, I strongly suggest you pick up something from Yum!Yum!Orange now!

The new album comes out October 11, 2006.