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June 2006
Bonnie Pink - Single and Greatest Hits

Bonnie Pink

Kick in the summer with two new releases from laid-back JPop queen Bonnie Pink! Celebrating the tenth anniversary since her debut, the new single "A Perfect Sky" and greatest hits album "Complete Best of Bonnie Pink" give a taste of the artist at both ends of her career.

First, her greatest hits album compiles 25 tracks from the artist including 9 singles from her Pony Canyon era, 13 from Warner Records, and songs released on Bonnie Pink's own indie label Pinxter. Limited edition includes a bonus DVD with unreleased music videos and tons more!

Also check out her upcoming single "A Perfect Sky" for the latest taste from Bonnie's kitchen after the release of her hit single "Love Is Bubble." For the complete fan, also be sure to pick up Fantastic Plastic Machine's latest album "imaginations" to hear a collaboration between FPM and Bonnie Pink!