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May 2006
Japanese Reggae For Summer

Japanese Reggae - Pushim, H-man, Home Grown, and more!

Simmer down this summer with the latest releases from the top names in the Japanese reggae scene. First off, Home Grown, the band at the epicenter of the J-reggae scene and collaborators with everyone from m-flo to Akiko Wada will be releasing their fourth full-length album "Respect To THe Riddim" in July. They'll be preceded in June by a single release from frequent co-conspiritor and the undisputed queen of J-Reggae, Pushim, and a full-album release from humorous DJ and MC H-Man.

If you're looking for something new, check out the upcoming full-length from DJ Junior Dee (with guest performances from Home Grown and more). Next week also sees the release of a new all-acoustic album dub guitarist Kenji Jammer (known for his work with Green Genie and UA's "Turbo" album).