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May 2006
[Theatrial Feature] Kamen Rider Hibiki to 7 nin no Senki Director's Cut Edition

Kamen Rider Hibiki

Director's Cut Edition of the hit sci-fi live action movie "Kamen Rider Hibiki to 7 nin no Senki" coming soon to DVD!

This time around the story takes place in the Warring States period of Japan, focusing on the ancestors to the Kamen Riders. It is a time of misunderstanding - people feared the Kamen Riders, calling them "demons." Despite the prejudice, the Kamen Riders through themselves into battle to save the same people that threaten them.

Preorder the Limited Edition to receive a bonus items--an additional disc with special footage, special liner cards, and a soft-plastic figure of Kamen Rider Hibiki!

Order now!