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May 2006
Fantastic Plastic Machine - New Album Coming Soon

Fantastic Plastic Machine

New original album titled "imaginations" coming soon from Shibuya-kei producerTomoyuki Tanaka aka Fantastic Plastic Machine. This is the man that, together with artists like Pizzicato Five and Mondo Grosso, brought the Japanese club scene to the world with his refreshing brend of house music and 60s kisch.

Tanaka got his start at the end of the 1980's in a traditional rock band before becoming a DJ in the emerging Japanese club scene. At one such DJ event, he met DJ Towa Tei who convinced him to start producing music for himself again, leading to the birth of Fantastic Plastic Machine and Tanaka's brilliantly groovy, electric sound.

Preorder FPM's new album "imaginations," coming February 22! Album features a return to original work after a seven album stint in Fantastic Plastic Machine's legendary seven album "Sound Concierge" series. New album features guest work from Clazziquai Project as well!